The Need for Speed – Why Time is Crucial in Semen Analysis

The Need for Speed – Why Time is Crucial in Semen Analysis
The Speed of Automated Semen Analysis SQA Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer

Time is precious. Whether you work in a hospital, diagnostic or reproductive laboratory, quick turnaround times are essential. Help keep your lab flowing productively with fast and accurate automated semen analysis using the SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer.


Why is Speed so Critical in Semen Analysis?

From the moment of collection, it’s a race against time to complete your semen analysis before the sample quality starts to degrade. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that testing be completed within one hour and should never exceed two hours.  The sooner you can begin testing the sample after collection, the better!

The fully automated SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer is a revolutionary automated semen analysis instrument that can deliver full results in as little as 75 seconds, replacing hours or even days of manual testing time.

Let us streamline your workflow by increasing the accuracy of your reports, enhancing your laboratory productivity, reducing your workplace stress, and lowering your doctor and patient wait times.

Created by industry experts with over 25 years of experience, the SQA-Vision is the future of diagnostic Sperm Quality Analysis.  Please speak to one of our specialists today, and let MES help maximize your time and resources.

Increase Your Accuracy by Increasing Speed

In a routine semen analysis, you’ll assess the motility, concentration, morphology, and other key traits and parameters of the semen sample.

As time passes, the percentage of motile sperm decreases steadily, and overall sample stability may diminish. The longer the time between collection and analysis, the less representative the sample will become compared to when it was first collected.

Time delays can lead to inaccurate assessment of the most critical fertility parameters. In some instances, a sample may even be classified as abnormal when it would have been in the normal range if tested sooner.

Delays may lead to additional doctor appointments and lab visits for the patient.  Or, in some cases, a man may even be prescribed a fertility treatment program that does not suit his needs correctly.

The SQA-Vision allows you to assess the sample as soon as it’s collected in all situations.  We know that some samples arrive highly viscous, and long liquefaction periods can delay the time to analysis. That’s why MES created our sperm-friendly QwikCheck Liquification Kit to speed up the liquefaction process, allowing you to assess the semen and sperm much sooner after collection.

The Pathology Laboratory (Lake Charles, LA.) found that the SQA-V “Performs a quick 70-second semen analysis and generates a very nice formatted report.” Additionally, “Having the automation of the SQA-V greatly reduces human errors, which is more likely to happen performing the manual method.  We have found that automation provides standardization, accuracy, and repeatability in our testing.”

Enhance Your Laboratory Productivity

Manual semen analysis is a highly-skilled, time-consuming task that can be hard to train and learn for many Technologists.  Depending on the technique, sperm assessment can take anywhere between one hour and multiple days to complete.

Health Alliance Hospital (Leominster, MA.) found it challenging to obtain and sustain the technical expertise required to perform a manual semen analysis. “Performing a manual semen analysis requires more technical labor than we can justify and a standard of technical expertise that is difficult to obtain and sustain.  Standardization between technologists and proficiency testing is now a problem from the past.” 

Putting the patient’s needs first is a priority for Health Alliance: “Securing the SQA analyzer has allowed us to service clients who would otherwise have to travel an hour east for semen analysis… we are now able to provide both full semen analysis testing and post-vasectomy testing seven days a week on both first and second shift.” 

Diagnostic and reproductive laboratories are busy places. Every day you need to balance clinical work on the bench, paperwork, meetings, patient interactions, and much more.

On a busy day, a few semen samples can pull the focus of several full-time employees for prolonged periods. This means they’re not free to help with other tasks, and the resulting workloads can become overwhelming.

After Sunrise Medical Laboratories (Hicksville, NY.) went live with the new SQA-Vision, they were able to handle double their previous workload, with greater efficiency, accuracy, and quality: “It is a true time-saver when processing semen, in not only saving time when performing a count but also for sperm morphology… I would recommend this product to any clinical laboratory that performs semen analysis.  It is an easy, accurate system that saves time and increases efficiency in the laboratory.”

Using the SQA-Vision allows your laboratory to maximize productivity while lowering labor and staff training costs.  Instead of a team member spending hours laboriously counting 1,000s of sperm cells, the SQA-Vision will count Millions in 75 seconds. 

Reduce Your Workplace Stress

In the past few years, there has been an increased focus on minimizing workplace stress.

Stress is bad for the staff, bad for team building, and bad for business overall.  It’s estimated that around one million employees miss work every day due to stress, costing companies billions of dollars and lots of wasted time.

Busy Diagnostic and Reproductive Laboratories can be hectic and stressful places to work. Between the long hours, hefty workloads, and steep quality control requirements, it’s easy to feel worn out.

Why not relieve some of the workload from you and your team by letting the SQA-Vision handle the heavy lifting?

Stamford Hospital (Stamford, CT.) adopted the SQA-V in 2012 and hasn’t looked back: “My staff is extremely happy, and they enjoy using the SQA-V.  It is very user-friendly and has positively impacted our turnaround time.  Our manual Semen Analysis used to take an hour or more but now [it is] completed within 5 minutes.  We used to do three patients per day by appointment only, but currently, we do Semen Analysis from 8am-2pm with no appointments necessary.  We used to have a 24hr turnaround time for final reports, but now final reports go out to the physician on the day of testing.  Our outreach Fertility physicians are very happy with our current turnaround time, and most importantly, our patients are also very happy.”

They continue: “Purchasing the SQA-V has been extremely beneficial because having a happy staff, physicians, and patients is the ultimate goal for any laboratory.”

The SQA-Vision is FDA approved and fully compliant with WHO 5th edition criteria.  It is CLIA moderately complex which means more members of the staff can run the test – further relieving stress and pressure. MES has over 3,500 happy customers around the world, and their outstanding Reviews speak for themselves.  So, relax. We’ve got this!

Improved Turnaround Time and Lower Patients Wait Times

Increased laboratory efficiency by using the SQA Vision will allow you to see more patients in a day.  In fact, the average laboratory can run ten samples per hour on the SQA-Vision quite easily.  This will help drive profit and will significantly reduce appointment delays and long waiting times for your patients.

Many men providing a sample for semen analysis may be having issues trying to conceive. They will be anxious about their fertility, and a long wait for an appointment and diagnosis may exacerbate their concerns.

By reducing wait times for the appointment, the results, and the diagnosis, you can help alleviate some of that stress and ensure their confidence in your semen analysis.

By switching to the SQA Vision, St Peter’s Hospital (Albany, NY.) is now able to reduce their turnaround times from one week to the same day: “Our old manual method was very subjective and tremendously time consuming. The precision and efficiency of the SQA analyzer has been vastly helpful in an area of healthcare where staffing shortages have become an issue and tech time is extremely valuable… The end result was a turnaround time of patient specimens from one week to the same day, which greatly pleased our providers.”

Final Thoughts

In a world where we’ve all got too much to do and not enough time to do it, a busy day doing semen analysis testing is the last thing we need.  Let the SQA-Vision take some pressure off your team and create a happier and more efficient place to work.

Speak to one of our advisors and join the future of automated diagnostic semen analysis today!

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