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Jackson Madison County Letter of Recommendation

May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016 Dear Mr. Wells, I am happy to say we have been satisfied customers of the SQA-V gold analyzer since April, 2012. In our laboratory, we performed semen analysis manually. This was time consuming and more hands on. The SQA-V Gold is definitely a time saver. It is easy to use and requires…

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Adena Regional Medical Center SQA-V Semen Analysis Letter of Recommendation

May 25, 2016

TO – Nicholas Wells, MESFROM – Karla Blair, Adena Department of Laboratory MedicineDATE – May 24 2016RE – SQA-V The SQA-V Semen Analyzer is a dependable and accurate part of our fertility and post vasectomy evaluations.  The system is easy to use, with very stable QC and few required reagents to operate.  Preventative Maintenance is…

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MISES A JOUR Automation Study | In French

May 5, 2016

L’analyse des paramètres spermatiques que constitue le spermogramme est le premier outil diagnostic permettant l’évaluation du versant masculin du couple infertile. Cet examen indispensable avant toute prise en charge ultérieure se doit d’être réalisé à plusieurs reprises en raison des variabilités intra-individuelles [1]. Les résultats qui sont obtenus lors de cet examen, ainsi que le…

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Medical Electronic Systems SQA-VISION Development Validation

April 22, 2016

226 human semen samples were tested at Medical Electronic Systems, LTD and Nantes University France to confirm the Accuracy and Precision of the SQA-VISION To test the new convenience features of the SQA-Vision vs. the SQA-V and manual semen assessment: Swim-up, Density Gradient, Longevity, Vitality, Morphology Counter, Scanning Debris/Round Cells, SQA-Vision Visualization Validation. These parameters…

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Health Canada Approval for Medical Electronic Systems

October 27, 2015

https://mes-global.com/mes-news-and-updates/health-canada-approval-for-medical-electronic-systems/ Medical Electronic Systems is proud to announce our long awaited CMDCAS and Health Canada Approval.  To our faithful friends up north our apologies on the delay!  Please reach out regarding our automated sperm quality analyzers or QwikCheck kits for manual or automated semen analysis knowing full well we are now able to fulfill orders. …

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CAMLT Sacramento

2015 CAMLT in Sacramento | California

October 1, 2015

The SQA-VISION was on display again in our home state of California.  The California Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists is our favorite local show of the year.  For MES it is all about supporting our local customer base, an association we believe in, and catching up with our friends and current customers.  Remember, it ALL…

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AACC ASCLS  Medical Electronic SQA Semen Analyzers BLOG

2015 AACC | ASCLS Annual Conference | Atlanta GA

September 1, 2015

A heart felt thank you to everyone that stopped by the both at this year’s AACC | ASCLS show in Atlanta, GA.  MES officially launched the SQA-VISION Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer at this meeting and received an overwhelming response from new prospects and current users alike.  MES has led the automated semen analysis industry for…

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Inter and Intra Device Study | QAP semen analysis results using the SQA-V GOLD

August 16, 2015

IVF Australia (Virtus Health) QAP semen analysis results using the SQA-V GOLD in compliance with ISO15189Independently performed by IVF Australia Background – IVF Australia conducted a six center Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for semen analysis using the automated SQA-V GOLD sperm analyzer. Both precision and accuracy were assessed for concentration, morphology and motility parameters by…

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General Fort Leonard Wood Letter of Recommendation | SQA Semen Analyzer

January 30, 2015

Dear Mr. Carver, I am very pleased and highly recommend the SQA-V semen analyzer. My laboratory has been using Medical Electronic Systems, SQA-V since 2008. It was an easy and cost effective decision to finally replace manual semen analysis procedure with a proven automated analysis. We found manual semen procedures to be time consuming and…

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Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Letter of Recommendation

October 23, 2014

RE: SQA-V Gold Device The SQA-V is an automated system for doing semen analysis.  It removes the subjective differences between Medical Laboratory Scientists using a manual technique.  The system has defined quality control, proficiency testing, and the turnaround time is 90% faster than a manual method.  SQA-V adds markedly increased quality and value to the…

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