Technical Release Bulletin: SQA Preventative Maintenance Recommendations

April 11, 2018

Background:The SQA (Sperm Quality Analyzer) instrument produced by Medical Electronic Systems is a reliable tool for conducting automated semen analysis. Like any high technology system, it is recommended that periodic preventative maintenance be conducted to ensure top performance.  This bulletin provides timing recommendations and an overview of the PM process. Preventative Maintenance Timeline Recommendations and Overview:It is Recommended…

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Technical Release Bulletin: QwikCheck™ Beads Open Vial Shelf Life

April 11, 2018

Background: QwikCheck™ Beads (Medical Electronic Systems) have an open and a closed vial shelf life. This labeling insures accurate results that could be compromised due to bead evaporation over time which can be related to high ambient laboratory temperature and/or infrequent use of the beads. Storage conditions:The stability of the QwikCheck™ Beads control material is highly…

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Debris Scanning on the SQA-Vision Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer

March 29, 2018

An overview of different Debris classifications that should be selected when using the SQA-Vision Debris Scanner. Semen Sample Debris can influence a semen analysis as sperm can be covered or mistaken. The Debris Scanning option with optimize accuracy and provide the doctor with clinical information about the sample.

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March 26, 2018

GOAL:   The goal of this document is to introduce the new SQA-Vision DNA fragmentation test. This new feature can be easily implemented by using commercially available kits. BACKGROUND: The genetic integrity of the sperm is necessary for successful fertilization and normal embryo development. Including an analysis of sperm DNA fragmentation along with other semen parameters provides…

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Technical Release Bulletin: SQA-V/Vision & QwikCheck Gold Sperm Analyzer Quality Controls

December 14, 2017

Background:  Organizations providing semen analysis proficiency testing/QC programs (CAP, NEQAS) require laboratories to show proficiency and quality control across three main semen analysis parameters: Sperm concentration, motility and morphology. To date, the QC/proficiency testing samples provided by these organizations are for testing only sperm concentration. Motility and morphology challenges currently require a live semen sample which…

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Technical Release Bulletin: Fixed Coverslip Slides Sperm/Bead Counting Principles

November 16, 2017

Segre Silberberg EffectCapillary flow into a 20-micron counting chamber (fixed coverslip type) follows a classical Poiseuille flow. The flow of the fluid is dominated by its viscosity. A maximum velocity is reached at exactly half the depth of the chamber while the velocity at the chamber walls equals 0 micron/second. The sperm cells or beads…

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Technical Release Bulletin for QC of Morphology Pre-stained Slides

October 7, 2017

Technical Release Bulletin for QC of Morphology Pre-stained Slides Background:To perform quality control of the Morphology pre-stained smears please follow the instructions below. Preparing QC semen samples: Pool around 5 FRESH semen samples and wash according to the following procedure: Mix the semen sample well. Split into 5 equal volume samples. Dilute each sample to…

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New SQA-Vision Upgrade | Version 44.3.193

August 29, 2017

Medical Electronic Systems is officially announcing the release of a new SQA-Vision Semen Analyzer software update.  The new version will be 44.3.193.  If you are currently on 44.3.167, you will see the following changes: Flexible Report ‐ A new custom (flexible) report feature was added. This allow the user to design their own report.  MES…

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QwikCheck™ Liquefaction Kit Product Update

August 24, 2017

BACKGROUND The QwikCheck™ Liquefaction kit manufactured by Medical Electronic Systems (MES) is used to accelerate the liquefaction of viscous or incompletely liquefied semen samples that remain viscous thirty minutes after collection. The kit contains: 20 single dose, 5 mg vials of lyophilized α-Chymotrypsin and a product insert. OVERVIEW Recently the Chymotrypsin used in the kit…

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How to Utilize the Backup and Restore Feature of the SQA-Vision

August 14, 2017

BACKGROUND: The SQA-Vision system has a backup and restore feature which can be utilized manually or on a set automatic schedule. For SQA-Vision version 44.3.193 the process has been improved for reliability and simplified for routine use. After upgrading to version 44.3.193 please follow these instructions. BACKING UP YOUR DATA AUTOMATICALLY: Step 1: Insert an…

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