QwikCheck Semen Test Strips vs. Combur Urine Test Strips for WBC Assessment in Semen

August 18, 2015

Background:For testing pH and WBC in semen, Medical Electronic Systems (www.mes-global.com) provides FDA cleared QwikCheck™ Test Strips which are specifically labeled for semen sample testing. Customers have requested a comparison of the QwikCheck™Test Strips to urine Test Strips.  Please find a link to the comparison below: QwikCheck™Semen Test Strips vs. Combur Urine Test Strips Note:…

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How the SQA-V System Calculates Sperm Per Scan on Post Vas Mode

August 5, 2015

Question – What goes into the calculation of “Sperm Per Scan” on the Post Vasectomy mode of the SQA-V Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer? Answer – The # Motile Sperm Per Scan is assessed automatically by the SQA-V algorithm based on detections of electronic signal spikes generated by the system when sperm cells cross the light beam…

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Clinical Validation Limits in Semen Analysis | CAP | CLIA

August 3, 2015

Question: Are there any officially published recommendations from CAP or CLIA regarding acceptable “comparison limits” to backup methods? Answer: Analytical Quality Requirements based on CLIA regulations can be found in the links below: https://www.westgard.com/clia.htm Total Allowable Error Limits Table It is seen from these documents that allowable error limits vary based on the parameter tested….

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MSDS | SDS Sheets for ALL MES Products

April 29, 2015

MES has updated all MSDS / SDS sheets for our product line.  Please find them here: www.mes-global.com/msds

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Routine Calibration Confirmation | Printing the Self Test Data

April 13, 2015

Every 6 months MES recommends that our SQA customers send us a copy of their “Self-Test” data for comparison back to your systems initial calibration parameters.  This is a free service for all SQA users.  Please follow the instructions in the Technical Bulletin below to send us your Self Test Data. Issue Date: March 15th,…

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Technical Bulletin Update | QwikCheck Test Strips QC

February 2, 2015


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Stabilized Sperm Proficiency Challenge for LOW LEVEL Target Values

October 29, 2014

Background: The need for external quality control schemes for confirming diagnostic procedures/equipment is of utmost importance. A number of multicentre studies on semen quality confirm this fact (1, 2). Quality control materials are best suited when they closely replicate the actual material being tested. However, due to the biological nature of semen, providing external quality…

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Importing the SQA-V Archive into V-Sperm

October 14, 2014

This training video provides instructions on how to import the SQA-V archive into V-Sperm. Periodically, the SQA-V archive may become full generating a message prompting your to clear it. Follow this guide to make that happen! Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!  See additional videos HERE

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SQA-V Cleaning Procedure Update | Daily and Weekly Maintenance

October 7, 2014

As of mid 2014 the SQA-V cleaning procedure has been broken up into daily steps and weekly steps for ease of maintenance and to avoid excessive system cleaning. Keep follow these steps to keep your system reliable, accurate, and happy! Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!  See additional videos HERE

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Changing the SQA-V Gold Printer Ribbon | Training Video

October 1, 2014

This demonstration video showcases the changing of the SQA-V printer ribbon.  Watch closely and Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!  See more training videos HERE

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