How the SQA-V System Calculates Sperm Per Scan on Post Vas Mode

August 5, 2015

Question – What goes into the calculation of “Sperm Per Scan” on the Post Vasectomy mode of the SQA-V Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer?

Answer – The # Motile Sperm Per Scan is assessed automatically by the SQA-V algorithm based on detections of electronic signal spikes generated by the system when sperm cells cross the light beam in the thin section of the capillary (~ 10 µL volume, area 33mm2, 300µm depth). To compare to manual semen assessment, the “high power field” (x400) under the microscope using a standard slide contains 0.0024 µL of semen (area 0.12 mm2 X depth 0.02 mm). The total number of motile spermatozoa detected automatically in a 5-minute testing cycle is reported as # Motile Sperm Per Scan.