SQA-Vt™ Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer

Product Overview

The SQA-Vt instrument is a quantitative semen analyzer for Turkeys.  Electro-optics, computer algorithms, and video microscopy combine to provide precise and accurate test results in less than one minute. Pre-heated testing capillaries are filled with Tom semen and an SQA-Vt internal temperature controller assures sample stability during the testing cycle. The SQA-Vt’s accuracy and precision make it a reliable tool for semen analysis in production facilities.

T-Sperm™ Overview

The SQA-Vt Automated Semen Analyzer is sold complete with a PC and T-Sperm flock management software which allows for sample archiving, quality control, video capture, and sorting. Installation, on-site training (USA), and warranty are also included.