SQA-Vp™ Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer

Product Overview

The SQA-Vp Porcine is a quantitative semen analyzer for pigs. Electro-optics, computer, algorithms, and video microscopy combine to provide precise and accurate test results in less than minute. Pre-heated testing capillaries are filled with Boar semen and an SQA-Vp internal temperature controller assures sample stability during the testing cycle. The SQA-Vp’s accuracy and precision make it a reliable tool for Pig semen analysis

P-Sperm™ Overview

The SQA-Vp Automated Semen Analyzer is sold complete with a PC and P-Sperm data management software. Installation, on-site training (USA), and warranty are also included

QwikCheck Gold™ Porcine Semen Analyzer

Product Overview

The QwikCheck™ Gold for Pigs is designed for smaller studs and on-farm operations that still demand the highest levels of accuracy and precision during semen evaluation. The instrument delivers Sperm Concentration, Motility, Motility Grading and more in less than 1 minute. Internal temperature control and an external pre-heating dock ensure consistent readings on the QwikCheck™ Gold throughout the testing cycle. The user can select modes for all sample types (fresh and extended) and print results to an optional label maker

Test Results

The QwikCheck™ Gold reports Sperm Concentration, Sperm Motility, Motility Grading, Normal Morphology, and more in less than 2 minutes. Test results are printed to a label for sample tracking

QwikCheck QC™ Porcine Semen Analyzer

Product Overview

The QwikCheck™ QC system is designed to accurately test extended Pig semen for quality control when receiving samples or prior to insemination. Fertility rates can be improved by using the best sperm possible and this system gives the user an objective way to test their semen samples. Based on the award winning technology of the SQA-Vp