Stamford Hospital Letter of Recommendation

Stamford Hospital Letter of Recommendation

February 9, 2012
Dear Jamil,

I would first like to say thanks for all your assistance with the validation of our SQA-V Gold analyzer.  Automating our Fertility department was an excellent decision.  My staff is extremely happy and they enjoy using the SQA-V.  It is very user friendly and has positively impacted our tun around time.  Our manual Semen Analysis used to take an hour or more but now [it is] completed within 5 minutes.  We used to do three patients per day by appointment only but currently we do Semen Analysis from 8am-2pm with no appointments necessary.  We used to have a 24hr turn around time for final reports but now final reports go out to the physician on the day of testing.  Our outreach Fertility physicians are very happy with our current turn around time and most importantly, our patients are also very happy.  I would strongly recommend the SQA-V to any facility that is considering automation.  Purchasing the SQA-V has been extremely beneficial because having a happy staff, physicians, and patients is the ultimate goal for any laboratory.  Once again, thank you.  I look forward to our continued partnership.


Charite Marcellus
Chemistry Depatment Supervisor
Stamford Health


Letter of Recommendation Stamford Hospital


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