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Our YO Home Sperm Test Kit was created by the industry leader with over 20 years experience in automated semen analysis expertise

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  • The YO Male Fertility Home Test is a consumer-level sperm quality analyzer that is derived from the technology of the flagship product, the SQA-Vision.


  • The test analyzes your Motile Sperm Concentration, a YO score and gives you a video of your sperm sample.


  • Fast, easy, and accurate to use, this product is a perfect first screening test for couples beginning their fertility journey.


  • No prescription necessary and quick over-the-counter purchase through an authorized retailer.


  • All done from home and no need to send any samples or visit a doctor’s office.



  • FDA and CE cleared

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Frequently Asked Questions
about the YO Home Test Kit

10 kits minimum

Yes. Purchasing 1000+ kits we can take your custom artwork and have them printed. For anything below 1,000 kits, you will have to pay for the custom sleeves on your own.

Have the customer create a support ticket on their app and we will be the ones to assist them. Another option is submitting a support ticket on our website or emailing support@yospermtest.com

Yes. Available upon request.

Yes as well as CE

Yes. Just have the customer take a picture of the cracked slide and how it came packaged. We’ll need their ship-to address and we’ll take care of the replacement slides.

Yes. We have 4 & 6 test kits available.

Yes. We have 2 and 4 test Refill Kits available.

No. The device on which you tested, will be the only one that has your results and video stored. So as long as the app is not deleted, it will remain locally on the device.

Remaining abstinent between 2-7 days is best for an accurate result.

Encino CA

No, the YO Home Sperm Test is optimized for fertility testing and reports motile sperm values above and below 6 million per milliliter. To avoid unwanted pregnancy after a vasectomy, you want to have a sperm concentration/motility of ZERO. Currently, YO does not give a value of ZERO and is therefore not recommended for post-vasectomy testing.

YO tests your MSC or Motile Sperm Concentration. This is the number of moving sperm in 1 milliliter of your sample. YO is an important fertility test because it analyzes MOVING sperm. And, in ‘normal’ conception it takes a moving sperm to reach the egg.

Yes. Up to about 50 tests. Please use a different slide for each test.

YO is designed as a first screening test for at-home use and is not meant to replace any lab or commercial testing.

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