WHO 5th Edition Manual STRICT Morphology Training and Testing

April 22, 2014

This document includes pages 67 through 95 of the WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen FIFTH EDITION.  This updated version of the WHO manual does a very good job of showcasing normal vs. abnormal forms including all relevant defects.  Dr. Thinus Kruger assessed the slides presented personally and in addition to grading them provides comments to further explain his judgements.  It is highly recommended that all SQA-V users, and facilities conducting manual semen analysis become familiar with this new criteria as it is fast becoming the world standard.  The document also provides 12 plates worth of numbered cells which can be assessed by the operator for training and proficiency purposes (don’t look at the answers ahead of time!)  The document can be downloaded by clicking the image above or by clicking HERE

Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm.