Baptist Medical Center South SQA-V Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Recommendation

Baptist Medical Center South SQA-V Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Recommendation
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Dear MES Team,

I would like to thank Medical Electronic Systems for being a very dependable and committed company.  During the past several years, our hospital has used the SQA-V and SQA-V Gold automated sperm quality analyzers to provide our patients and physicians with accurate and reliable test results.

The SQA-V Gold analyzers are extremely east to use and very well designed for patient testing.  I really appreciate the low maintenance required and small foot print of the analyzers.  The quality control is very simple and easy to perform and there are no calibrations needed.  Before any specimens can be tested, the instrument performs its own self-test to ensure all optical systems are operating correctly.  Our hospital performs approximately 250 sperm quality tests per year for area physicians and we rely solely on the SQA-V Gold to perform these tests.

Out current analyzer is several years old and very rarely has any problems.  However, when problems do occur, the technical assistance center is very easy to contact and more than willing to help walk through resolving the problem.  If the problem cannot be resolved, they will overnight you a loaner instrument so they can perform any repairs needed.  I have never dealt with a team as organized and caring as the team at MES.  They are dedicated to helping you in whatever way they can and do a great job keeping in touch throughout the year.

I have been very pleased with the products and customer service received throughout out business relationship and look forward to purchasing the newest SQA-Vision analyzer soon.



Amy E. Bohannon, MLS, (ASCP)
Hematology Supervisor
Baptist Medical Center South
Phone: (334) 286-2914
Fax: (334) 286-3351


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