General Fort Leonard Wood Letter of Recommendation | SQA Semen Analyzer

General Fort Leonard Wood Letter of Recommendation | SQA Semen Analyzer

Dear Mr. Carver,

I am very pleased and highly recommend the SQA-V semen analyzer. My laboratory has been using Medical Electronic Systems, SQA-V since 2008. It was an easy and cost effective decision to finally replace manual semen analysis procedure with a proven automated analysis. We found manual semen procedures to be time consuming and an opportunity for technical error as well as technical variation.

Automation helps to provide better patient care when testing a sample that is both time and temperature sensitive by improving accuracy and increasing throughput. 

In addition, we found SQA-V instrumentation to be technically easy and friendly to use. The instrument and reagents, to include quality control material, are reliable, stable, and require minimal maintenance. SQA-V provides a printout with each patient listing all testable parameters to include calculations. 

I especially appreciate the procedure for 6 month calibration. A copy of the ‘Daily Service Report’ is provided to MES. MES evaluates data and provides me a report.

I would recommend every medical laboratory consider SQA-V. This is a cost effective system that will save time and produce more reliable results. In addition, I have experienced outstanding service support with the MES team. Customer Service means everything to a supervisor. I am very happy with the all aspects of the SQA-V Gold Analyzer. If you have any questions I may be reached at 573-596-1509 Monday-Friday. My email address is Jacqueline.A.Loveall.Civ@Mail.Mil.

Jacqueline A.W. Loveall
Hematology Supervisor
GLWACH, Ft Leonard Wood, MO

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