Letter of Recommendation – Prosser Memorial Health Laboratories

Letter of Recommendation – Prosser Memorial Health Laboratories
Prosser Memorial Health Laboratory Autoamted Semen Analysis Testing update

To whom it may concern;

Since 2019, Prosser Memorial Health has used the SQA to automate semen analysis procedures.  Our satisfaction with the analyzer as well as the quality of the customer service is without equal.  The analyzer is easy to use, provides excellent results, and in two years of use it has never broken down. 

Since its inception into our lab, our OB and family practice doctors started ordering routine analyses for their patients, and now with the growth of our medical community, it sees more use than ever. 

I give the SQA an unqualified recommendation for any facility seeking to automate any semen analysis procedure. 

Peter Lewis

MLT Prosser Memorial Health Laboratories


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