Letter of Recommendation – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Albany

Letter of Recommendation – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Albany
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To Whom it May Concern:

The Albany VA hospital purchased the SQA-Vision from MES in September of 2018.  This instrument has been a real asset to our institution.  Prior to purchasing the equipment all semen analysis was performed manually requiring a lot of time. The SQA-Vision is an excellent and accurate instrument which provides accurate results within a short period of time. This allows the Technologist time to perform other duties, as well as provides consistent results among different operators.  Our institution has a male fertility clinic allowing our Physicians to diagnose and treat male infertility as needed. 

The MES support staff have been knowledgeable and extremely helpful and supportive.  I would recommend this analyzer to any facility that is performing semen analysis for accuracy and consistency.  The purchase of the SQA-Vision has been one of the best decisions made by the laboratory to provide the best care for our veterans.

I would also like to commend Mr. Wells (the account manager from MES) for always being helpful and keeping in touch on a regular basis making sure the instrument is running as expected and updating us with current memos about the analyzer.


Paul G. Hines – Lead Hematology Technologist


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