St. Peters Hospital SQA-Vision Letter of Recommendation

St. Peters Hospital SQA-Vision Letter of Recommendation
St. Peter's Hospital

November 27, 2017 

Medical Electronic Systems
5757 W Century Boulevard Suite 805
Los Angeles, CA 90045 

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to sing the praises of our new semen analyzer, the SQA Vision. I am the key operator and the person responsible for bringing our analyzer up and running and providing training to techs and physicians alike. We are the only hospital in the Capital Region of NY who offers semen analysis, so our patients drive up 2 hours to have their testing performed.

We first had to move from the ASCP manual method to the WHO 5th edition manual method in order to ease correlations. While this occurred, I used the Bead Validation kit supplied by MES in order to establish linearity, reportable range, and precision studies. Our R2 and CVs, which MES calculated for us, returned well within manufacturer’s recommendation.

Once our manual method was established, we began patient correlations for both Infertility and Post-Vas specimens. The general manager of MES, Eric Carver, was extremely helpful in guiding me through this process. His experience is invaluable, his response time was quick, and a site visit from him was the final step I needed to finish successfully. Again, our R2 and correlation coefficients returned great results. During this time, we also switched staining methods from PAP staining (which we often batched) to the pre-stained slides provided by MES. The end result was a turnaround time of patient specimens from one week to the same day, which greatly pleased our providers.

With supplies provided by MES including QC, our techs are extremely happy with our new semen testing. It is to the point that if the instrument is ever down, they would rather reschedule  appointments than return to the manual method.

The thing I am happiest with is we now have standardized testing, ensuring accurate results from patient to patient. Our old manual method was very subjective and tremendously time consuming. The precision and efficiency of the SQA analyzer has been vastly helpful in an area of healthcare where staffing shortages have become an issue and tech time is extremely valuable.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument!



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