Adobe Flash Compatibility Update | SQA-Vision Users

Adobe Flash Compatibility Update | SQA-Vision Users
Adobe Flash End of Life

Background: It is recommended by the manufacturer that the SQA-Vision system be operated OFFLINE from the network or internet as a stand-alone semen analysis system.  If your facility currently follows this recommendation, you may disregard this Technical Bulletin.



Online Systems Notice:  Windows Updates and Flash Player

It is understood that some facilities may operate their SQA-Vision system with a connection to the internet, even though it is not recommended by MES.  When connected to the internet, it is possible that Windows will automatically update your PC.  Several of Microsoft’s recent Windows updates include the removal of Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player End of Life General Information Page).


Some versions of the SQA-Vision system (pre-2021) use Flash player components for some minor graphical interface actions (such as the timer wheel when you login, and the longevity testing alerts).  With Flash Player removed, you may become aware of some product performance issues during your workflow.  NOTE: There is no clinical impact or loss of system reliability as a result of this Flash issue.


If you have your system connected to the internet, have received a Windows update, and notice any issues, please contact Medical Electronic Systems for an upgraded “Flash Free” version of the SQA-Vision App.



Sal Arella, Jr.

310-670-9066 x303



Compliance Date:  Effective August 8th, 2021, Authority:  Eric Carver, General Manager

Distribution: SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer Users

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