Functional Sperm Concentration | FSC

Functional Sperm Concentration | FSC


FSC (Functional Sperm Concentration, M/ml) is the concentration of progressively motile spermatozoa with normal morphology in a semen sample.  This is a very difficult parameter to measure manually since you have to kill the progressive cells to assess the morphology.  To develop this complex algorithm for the SQA-V, MES performed extensive microscope evaluation of sperm concentration and progressive motility of ejaculates collected from patients and donors in a routine lab setting. In parallel the same fresh samples were tested on the SQA-V. The progressively motile sperm cells were then isolated from the ejaculates via SWIM-UP technology using the WHO 4th edition preparation techniques (click here for swim up procedure).  These isolated progressive cells were then used to prepare stained smears for morphology analysis. The smears were assessed under the microscope for normal morphology using WHO 3rd and WHO 4th criteria. All of this data was then used to develop the algorithm in the SQA-V that reports FSC.

The SQA-V will not only report FSC (Functional Sperm Concentration) in M/ml but also Total Functional Sperm which will account for the sample volume and report a result that represents the entire ejaculate.  Here is a “reported parameters summary” with FSC and Total Functional Sperm descriptions:  SQA-V Reported Parameters.  As always, please e-mail us with additional questions!

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