How to Utilize the Backup and Restore Feature of the SQA-Vision

How to Utilize the Backup and Restore Feature of the SQA-Vision


The SQA-Vision system has a backup and restore feature which can be utilized manually or on a set automatic schedule. For SQA-Vision version 44.3.193 the process has been improved for reliability and simplified for routine use. After upgrading to version 44.3.193 please follow these instructions.


Step 1: Insert an external hard drive into an available USB port.
    Note: If there are no available USB ports you may use a USB Hub to connect less critical items together such as the mouse, keyboard and printer.
Step 2: Open SQA-Vision Application.
    Go into “SETTINGS” then select “SERVICE” from the top tab list. In the BACKUP FREQUENCY box indicate how often you would like the backup to run. If you do not want the system to backup automatically, leave the “BACKUP EVERY” box blank.
    Note: The auto-backup will begin upon shut down of the Vision application.
    Select “BROWSE” and locate the external hard drive by expanding “This PC.” Select the “BACKUP (E:)” hard drive and hit “OK.”


Step 1: Go into “SERVICE” and select “BACKUP” in the SQA-VISION BACKUP STATUS box.
    Note: The BACKUP PATH will still need to be set from the SETTINGS MENU.
Step 2: Backup will begin to copy all data to the external hard drive. Hit “OK” when complete.
Step 3: Verify the Backup has successfully saved your data by checking the external hard drive for the Vision backup file: Folder name: SQAVisionBck_DDMMYYYY_HHMMSS.

Note: In the event that your Vision PC is damaged you may restore your database to a new PC that has been loaded with the Vision Application.

Step 1: Ensure that the Vision Application is installed on an MES supplied PC.
Step 2: Ensure the MES backup external hard drive is inserted.
Step 3: Locating the backup folder.
– Open SQA-Vision application and select “SERVICE” then “RESTORE”.
– Select the desired backup file by clicking the drop-down arrow on the right.
– Select the file name and “Launch Restore”.
– Once the restore is complete launch the Vision App and all data should be available.
Note: Restoring your data from an older backup file will overwrite your current data. It is recommended that the restore feature only be used to re-build new PCs.

For detailed instructions, please download and read our tech bulletin: How to Utilize the Backup and Restore Feature of the SQA-Vision

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact

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