Manufacturers Recommended Semi-Annual Calibration Confirmation

Manufacturers Recommended Semi-Annual Calibration Confirmation

Re-Issue date/Distribution: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013/ALL SQA-V Users

Subject: It is recommended that twice per year, the SQA-V Gold calibration be checked against the original factory calibration parameters. Although there are acceptable calibration ranges for the SQA-V, the system parameters may be close to the high or low end of the range and proactive maintenance will ensure continued uninterrupted use and optimal clinical performance from the instrument. This is a free service to all SQA-V users.


Twice per year, MES recommends sending us the “Service Data Report” from your SQA-V Gold for a calibration confirmation. To print your Service Data Report and return it to MES, please follow these instructions:

• NOTE: The SQA-V internal printer will need to be loaded with paper and printer ribbon. Please see user guide for paper and ribbon loading instructions.

• Navigate to the “Service” menu, once in the “Service” menu select “Print Default Settings” and click “Print Self-Test Data”.

• Tape this report to a piece of blank white paper and fax the report to MES @ 310-670-9069 or scan/e-mail it to Please include an e-mail address and your contact information with the Self-Test report for follow-up.

• Your SQA-V calibration parameters will be compared to the initial calibration parameters from when the instrument was manufactured and presented back to you in report format. 


Also, please remember to check the Technical Bulletins section of the website often for updates HERE.

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