SQA-V Concentration Standard Explained

SQA-V Concentration Standard Explained

A number of commercially available counting chambers are used in laboratories for manually counting sperm cells world wide. These chambers vary by depth and some types require sample diluted while other do not.  It has been clinically established that counts can vary up to 30% depending on the type of chamber used.  The SQA-V permits the user to select the type of chamber the laboratory has implemented as a standard for manual semen analysis.  Once the concentration standard (CONC. STANDARD) has been selected the SQA-V will automatically run semen samples based on that standard.

Commercially available counting chambers are generally divided into two unique groups:

• Standard #1: 10-20 micron depth and do not require sample dilution.
• Standard #2: 100 micron depth (haemocytometers) that require sample dilution.

Please contact MES directly for additional questions about the type of chamber you use, and Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!

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