July 2021 – SQA-Vision and SQA-V Gold Automated Semen Analyzer Demonstration and Training Sessions

July 7, 2021

Refresh or Learn New Online for Free | All Are Welcome! Medical Electronic Systems is proud to offer all current and future SQA-Vision & SQA-V Gold customers a free online demonstration and training session.  We will provide a brief overview of the system’s advantages and then a highly detailed product training.  Please allow up to 2 hours…

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Automated Semen Analysis vs Manual Semen Analysis

Automated Semen Analysis Validation vs Manual Microscopic Semen Analysis | SQA Sperm Quality Analyzer Comparison

May 9, 2021

The SQA Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer offers Rapid Sperm Analysis with far greater Accuracy, Precision, and Objectivity compared to Manual Methods. When Validating an Automated Semen Analysis method compared to your Manual Semen Analysis procedure it’s a good idea to brush up on your techniques to ensure a smooth validation. Below are excerpts from the…

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Automated Semen Analysis Sperm Motility Index MES SQA

SMI (Sperm Motility Index) A Contributing Predictor of Male Fertility

May 7, 2021

Background: SQA automated analyzers report Sperm Motility Index (SMI), a composite parameter characterizing the quality of motile sperm based on motile sperm concentration (MSC) and curvilinear velocity (VCL). SMI definition: SMI is an integrated parameter that includes both motile sperm concentration and curvilinear velocity (VCL) along a spectrum of dynamic range. It is reported in…

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SQA Automated Semen Analyzer Drivers

SQA Instrument Drivers and Software

April 26, 2021

Video Capture Drivers for all V-Sperm (Human), E-Sperm (Equine), B-Sperm (Bull), P-Sperm (Pig), and T-Sperm (Turkey) Apps: ADS Tech VIDEO XPRESS Video Capture Driver | ADS Tech VIDEO XPRESS_Capwiz- EZCap Video Capture Driver | ezcap159driver.zip Startech version 2 Video Capture Driver | Startech [SVID2USB23] Composite to USB Capture Cable.zip Startech version 1 Video Capture Driver…

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Post Vas Semen Analysis on the SQA Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer

Post Vasectomy Analysis on the SQA-V Gold and SQA-Vision: AUA Guidelines

March 16, 2021

OVERVIEW:  This bulletin is issued to clarify the SQA-V Gold vs. SQA-Vision Post Vas analysis methodology and standards based on American Urological Association (AUA) recommendations. American Urological Association (AUA) Guideline (pertaining to Post Vas semen analysis – PVSA): Men or their partners should use other contraceptive methods until vasectomy success is confirmed by PVSA (Post…

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Kova Liqua-Trol PH WBC Test Strip Quality Control MES QwikCheck Kits for Automated Semen Analysis Sperm Quality Analyzer

End of Support for KOVA Liqua-TROL® with QwikCheck Test Strips

March 5, 2021

Issue date: March 8th, 2021 Background: QC of QwikCheck Test Strips (WBC and pH) can be effectively performed using IRISpec controls from Beckman Coulter. KOVA controls will no longer be supported for QwikCheck Test Strips because the level of the reagent sensitivity required to identify WBC in semen is not always effective using KOVA controls….

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Questions About Adding Albumen To Neutralize Enzymatic Activity

January 18, 2021

We’ve received numerous questions about adding albumen to the liquified sample in the Qwik Check Liquefaction kit and have asked Dr. Rabinovitch, our Chief Technology Officer Emeritus to answer the question for us. Dr. Rabinovitch states: Though adding albumin for termination the enzymatic process is well known, this guidance is not provided by WHO.  Historically this…

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Vital and Viable Sperm Stainted Red

How to use QwikCheck 1 Step Vitality Stain for manual semen analysis

January 11, 2021

Did you know the QwikCheck 1 Step Vitality Stain can also be used with Manual Microscopic methods? Here is our recommended procedure when using traditional microscopic methods for semen analysis. Semen Analysis Vitality Testing Procedure VITALITY TESTING PROCEDURE : eosin aloneWHO laboratory manual for the Examination and processing of human semen ‐ FIFTH EDITION 2.6.2 Vitality test…

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Loading the SQA Capillary

Loading The SQA Capillary And Clean All SQAs | Automated Semen Analyzer Maintenance

January 11, 2021

We’ve made a video tutorial with a quick overview on cleaning the system and loading the testing capillary.

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Testing fertility and post-vasectomy proficiency samples on SQA systems

Testing fertility and post-vas Proficiency Samples on SQA Systems – 2020 update

July 22, 2020

SQA-VISION / SQA-V ALL VERSIONS | July 22, 2020 GENERAL OVERVIEW: Allow specimens, and any reagents used, to warm to room temperature (at least 30 minutes) before testing. Assume this is a liquefied specimen. To dislodge the pellet, do not vortex. Aspirate the sample up and down 5 – 6 times using a transfer pipette…

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