QwikCheck Test Kits

Problem-solving kits to simplify and improve Manual and Automated semen analysis techniques in the Laboratory. Including sample preparation and quality control

Product Number: 0200

A 3 level quality control material for use in automated and manual sperm counting systems. The beads are for in-vitro use only and can be used to assess the accuracy and precision of the laboratory’s sperm counting methods by providing a known target value. QwikCheck QC Beads can be used on QwikCheck Gold, Spermalite, SQA-V Gold, SQA-Vision automated sperm quality analyzers, and manual counting chambers including Hemacytometers, Makler Chambers, Fixed Cover Slip Slides, and standard Wet-Prep Lab Slides.

Product Number: 0800

The QwikCheck Dilution kit is used to dilute semen samples prior to automated or manual testing. The media is Earl’s Balanced Salt solution which contains ingredients to support sperm motility and vitality. On SQA sperm quality analyzers the dilution kit can be used to increase sample volume for fully automated testing on low volume mode. This product is recommended by the WHO Manual.

Product Number: 0900

The Liquefaction Kit is used to promote and accelerate the liquefaction of highly viscous semen samples. Appropriate for all forms of automated or manual semen analysis, as viscosity can impact the accurate measurement of motility, concentration and antibody coating. The Liquefaction Kit also assists with agglutinated and aggregated clumps, sperm banding, and other factors that prevent thorough sample mixing prior to analysis.

Product Number: A‐CA‐01752‐00

QwikCheck™ Test Strip QC is used to validate QwikCheck Test Strips that assess pH and leukocyte (WBC) levels in human semen. The QC results are determined by placing the QC media onto the QwikCheck Test Strip’s pH and WBC patches and comparing the developed strip colors to the color chart on the QwikCheck Test Strips. QwikCheck Test Strip QC is for in vitro diagnostic use only by professionals.

Product Number: A-CA-01057-00

The 1-Step Vitality Stain offers users a fast and affordable way to grade Sperm Vitality (Live vs. Dead) to supplement motility results obtained by manual or automated semen analysis. The kit includes 5 premixed vials to maximize shelf life. The kit can be used with all manual methods and with the SQA-Vision Touch-to-Mark interface. Dead cells will absorb the stain – live cells will not.

Product Number: A-CA-01082-00

The Vision Fixed Cover Slip Slides were designed to simplify routine semen screening processes in both manual and automated methods. The slides feature a precision engineered fluid chamber that disperses Sperm or QC material to exactly one field of view. The Vision slides require ~4 micro liters of sample and load by capillary action. Two chambers are included on each unit for duplicate counts and cost effectiveness.

Product Number: 0700

The Test Strip kit is used to determine pH and leukocytes (WBCs) in semen. Test results are determined by comparing the color of the test patches to the color chart provided by the label on the bottle. The QwikCheck Reagent Test Strips are the only FDA cleared test strip designed specifically for semen. For professional use only.

Product Number: VS‐CA‐01108‐00

The Morphology Slides are designed for the rapid staining of spermatozoa for detailed morphology assessment. Each slide is coated with a dried layer of staining media which sperm will absorb on contact. The slides are designed for SQA-Vision Automated Sperm Quality Analyzers and Microscopic analysis. They can be used to differentiate Normal sperm cells from sperm cells with Abnormal heads, midpieces, principle pieces, and excess residual cytoplasm. They can also be used for the classification of WBCs and pinheads.

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