Oakland University Letter of Recommendation

Oakland University Letter of Recommendation
Eric Carver SQA letter

Department of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
Rochester, MI 48309-4489

February 16, 2017
Eric Carver
General Manager
Medical Electronic Systems
Advanced Agricultural Technologies

Dear Eric:
I am writing to offer my strongest recommendation to colleagues considering use of the SQA. We have used the SQA in my research lab at Oakland University for the past several years. Not only does the SQA provide efficient, reliable, and cost effective semen analyses, but also I have been extraordinarily pleased with the support offered by MES. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you and your staff at MES. On the rare occasions in which we have had minor issues with the SQA, you and your staff have been immediately responsive, taking great care to ensure that the issue was resolved quickly and fully. I am deeply grateful for this outstanding service and support. More to the point, however, these minor issues have been remarkably infrequent—the SQA has performed beautifully. I cannot imagine using any other means or mechanisms for semen analysis. I offer my unequivocal recommendation to colleagues to consider use of the SQA for semen analysis.


Eric Carver SQA letter 2017SIG

Todd K. Shackelford, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor and Chair of Psychology


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