Xytex Cryo International Letter of Recommendation

Xytex Cryo International Letter of Recommendation
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To whom it may concern:
As the Chief Laboratory Manager of all the Xytex Laboratories, I am writing to you to share our experience and enthusiasm of the SQA-Vision Semen Analyzers. The Analyzers have been a great asset and have increased our efficiencies and reproducibility. Our staff appreciate the ease of use and the accuracy that it offers to a high volume, fastpaced environment. The QC process is a breeze, the setup is minimal and the results are reported in seconds, it truly is an amazing product. The morphology differential capability is by far the staff’s favorite feature and has proven to be very accurate and efficient. The Analyzers also offer many more capabilities that could be very useful in future expansions. Your staff has been an absolute pleasure to work with and are always helpful and available if needed. I highly recommend this Analyzer to any reproductive biology laboratory, even if it is merely utilized as a supplementary tool. The Analyzer is an excellent worthwhile investment.


Madison DiMatteo, MS, BS
Laboratory Manager

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