Minimum Sample Volume Requirements for SQA Systems and Dilution Options

Minimum Sample Volume Requirements for SQA Systems and Dilution Options

Automated semen assessment using the SQA-V / Vision requires a pre-defined sample volume to be aspirated into the testing capillary in order to generate a full semen analysis report. The volume of the SQA testing capillary is 0.5 ml and this volume provides sufficient statistical representation of the entire ejaculate, resulting in a high level of precision using the automated SQA analyzer. 

Based on the required semen sample testing volume of 0.5 mL, it is recommended to fill the entire testing capillary with a semen sample without any dilution if the ejaculate volume is >= 0.5 mL. Sometimes though the ejaculate volume may be less than 0.5 mL. The dilution mode of the SQA-V and Vision can be used in this case as follows: If the semen sample volume is >= 0.3 mL, dilute the sample using the QwikCheck Dilution media two times (1:2 or 1+1). For example, 0.3 mL of semen sample is mixed with 0.3 mL of diluent resulting in a volume of 0.6 mL. This will provide an adequate sample volume to aspirate into the SQA testing capillary and the SQA software automatically compensates for the dilution and will provide a full report, no calculations are required by the operator.

Based on the sample volume, M.E.S. recommends the following approach to testing the sample:
• Semen Volume >= 0.5 mL – No dilution is required
• Semen Volume >= 0.3 mL and < 0.5 mL – Dilution 1:2 (1+1) using the QwikCheck Dilution kit
• Semen Volume < 0.3 mL – Manual assessment [microscope or Vision Manual Mode or Vision Semi-automated Mode (10 µL automated testing + 10 µL manual motility assessment)]

• WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen – 5th ed., WHO 2010.
• SQA-V GOLD User Guide Version 2.60 I-Button
• SQA-Vision User Guide Version 104.13.2



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