Cost Reduction with Automated Semen Analysis

Cost Reduction with Automated Semen Analysis

Cost Reduction with Automation

Overhead, Payroll Expenses, and the Bottom Line are primary concerns for any business, including the Laboratory. No matter where we work, these factors drive the profitability and financial health of the company.  Keep your Semen Analysis program in the Black with a cost-effective and accurate automated semen analyses solution from Medical Electronic Systems.  The SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer pays its way with reduced labor cost, error-free resulting, and reduced training and proficiency requirements.

From expanding regulatory requirements to the expense of highly skilled lab technicians, running a manual semen analysis program may be deceptively expensive, complicated, and a drain the daily workflow.

The fully automated SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer is a world-leading automated semen analysis instrument that will deliver full results in Three Minutes at a fraction of the cost of manual testing.

Let MES help maximize your Laboratory’s efficiency, effectiveness, and expense reduction priorities by reducing training times, optimizing reporting accuracy, creating an objective testing environment, and improving staff morale. Please speak to one of our specialists today for a no-obligation Zoom demonstration and a free cost-per-test comparison.

Reduced Training Times

Performing a manual semen analysis is a highly complex test per CLIA regulations.  While most skilled Technologists can become good at manual semen analysis, it can take months or even years to become an expert.  Just when the team has mastered the art of manual sperm counting, the guidelines and requirements seem to change.

You typically need a 4-year Technologist degree, or equivalent, to perform CLIA Complex Testing, and quality Technologists with the necessary skill level are often hard to find, particularly in regions with competitive employment dynamics.  Even when you find a Technologist with the relevant experience, you may be looking at a significant salary increase over a well-qualified Technician with a 2-year degree.

Teaching someone how to use the SQA-Vision takes a fraction of the time required to train them in manual semen analysis techniques. The SQA-Vision is CLIA Moderately Complex, and any member of the staff with a basic 2-year qualification is qualified to use the system. Not only will this expand the skillset of the more junior members of your team, but it will also allow your highly skilled Technologists to apply their expertise elsewhere in the Lab. This will improve the efficiency of your Laboratory, increase the overall Quality of Care, and relieve pressure for everyone on staff – from the front office to the bench.

Full Regulatory Compliance

All manual and automated lab tests should be performed with strict adherence to regulatory standards. That’s why MES ensures that all of our analyzers stay up-to-date with all current standards, including complete FDA approval, ISO compliance, International regulatory requirements, CLIA/CAP certifications, and complete adherence to WHO testing criteria.

The College of American Pathologists ( provides a proficiency challenge for SQA automated semen analyzers, which is simpler than manual peer-review surveys.   The results of the SQA are compared to other SQA users and provide a more objective and efficient way to maintain proficiency in your Lab, in a fraction of the time. MES recommends taking part in this survey as an unbiased check of user proficiency and to ensure optimal system performance.

MES has been supporting a user base of over 400 facilities for over a decade, and we understand the importance of keeping your Lab running full speed ahead at a reasonable price point. That’s why your purchase of the SQA-Vision comes with on-site training (America, Canada), validation assistance, and expert support of your entire semen analysis program. We will work tirelessly and continuously to help improve your processes, ensuring that your SQA-Vision purchase will be a profitable, practical, and valuable asset to the doctors and patients.  You are not just buying a semen analyzer; you’re getting a new teammate in your Lab.

Error-Free Analysis

As the nomenclature suggests, a Manual semen analysis is a hands-on “Manual” process. Laboratory staff are responsible for completing many calculations during the test and then entering that data into the LIS/EMR system by hand.

Although the analysis team is highly trained, we are all human, and mistakes can happen. In fact, research suggests that up to 10% of all laboratory reports contain some measure of reporting error. Not only does this negatively impact your patient’s quality of care, but rescheduling appointments is a lengthy and unnecessary cost for the health care provider and Laboratory alike.

By moving to an automated system, you will significantly reduce the chance of human error interfering with your patient’s results. With the SQA-Vision, you can scan the patient’s sample ID barcode for no-mistake sample ID input.  After the test is complete, the results are transferred automatically via the built-in LIS/EMR interface to your primary database.

Manual data input can be a thing of the past – Today.  Speak to us about the SQA-Vision and how it will help reduce reporting errors in your Laboratory.

Improve Lab Morale and Streamline Your Workflow

It’s no secret that semen analysis is a hated test in the Lab. Once a man has collected a sample, it’s a race against time to finish the analysis within 60 minutes. This often means delaying other work to address the “Stat Test,” creating a backlog of other testing to complete.

The semen analysis itself is also highly time-consuming. Once you’ve allowed for liquefaction time, performed macro visual assessments, dilutions, counting, calculations, and written up the report, you are well past one hour of testing time if WHO Manual recommendations are followed correctly.

With the SQA-Vision, there is minimal interruption to the daily workflow when a semen sample arrives. The time from initial sample preparation to report generation is just three minutes. This means a technician isn’t burdened with semen analysis testing all day, and the lab staff can perform other duties and tasks promptly.

The reduced testing time on the SQA-Vision also provides additional capacity to test more fertility and post-vasectomy samples each day, even without appointments. This will keep patients and doctors happy by reducing wait times for appointments and delays in receiving their results.

Boost Your Business

In the world of fertility, word of mouth is vital. Patients want the fastest results possible while referring doctors seek reliable results reported accurately and in a timely manner.

The SQA-Vision is a state-of-the-art semen analysis instrument that combines the speed of automation with a technologist’s judgment and skill to provide the most accurate and objective results possible – 20x faster than manual alternatives. The system includes everything you need to get up and running at an affordable price point, and on-site installation and training are always included (America, Canada).

Final Thoughts

Increase reporting accuracy, reduce turnaround times, lower your cost per test, and cut labor expenses with the SQA-Vision.  Let us show you how the instrument can be profitable in a low, medium, or high volume testing environment.  Speak to MES today for a free Zoom demonstration and a list of happy clients to contact.  And Remember, It All Started with a Sperm!

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