Chymotrypsin vs Hyaluronidase

Chymotrypsin vs Hyaluronidase

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What is the difference between Chymotrypsin and Hyaluronidase?




In the article: Stefan Stephanus du Plessis, Sheila Gokul, Ashok Agarwal. Frontiers in Bioscience, Elite, 5, 224-231, January 1, 2013, the following information on semen hyperviscosity (SHV) treatment can be found:

“Semen hyperviscosity can be treated successfully in vitro by traditional methods as well as by recently developed methods. Hyperviscous semen is commonly diluted or drawn into a hypodermic needle and forced through in order to overcome the elevated viscosity, although these methods are unlikely to be completely effective because SHV is not completely a mechanical phenomenon. More direct treatments of patients presenting with SHV include over hydration, prostatic massage, and the use of parenteral hyaluronidase (injection – my note). These methods showed limited success and have proven not to be too effective.

Less dated methods used in sperm preparation for ART procedures have been shown to improve semen and sperm parameters of infertile males. Honea et al. found that the use of limited proteolysis by using α-chymotrypsin in the treatment of SHV was effective for an in vitro setting such as IVF or IUI. Zavos et al. more recently reported that limited proteolysis by α-chymotrypsin was effective in improving the use and handling of hyperviscous semen samples, and that treatment with α-chymotrypsin assisted in the recovery of high quality sperm in greater numbers than in hyperviscous samples not treated with α-chymotrypsin.”




• Though hyaluronidase is present in semen and used in both IVF procedures and for treatment of patients (via injection), it is not recommended for semen hyperviscosity treatment in vitro because there is no evidence of effectiveness.
• α-chymotrypsin was found to be an effective method for SHV in vitro treatment based on the methods listed above and years of clinical practice. 
• The QwikCheck Liquefaction Kit (based on α-chymotrypsin) product insert is enclosed, demonstrating the effectiveness of the product in clinical studies.  



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