Medisoos Letter of Recommendation

August 29, 2013


My name is Dr. Uri Shalit. My partner, Dr. Giora Avni and I are the owners of Medisoos Equine Clinic in Israel. During the last breeding season, we used the QwickCheck™ Gold Equine sperm analyzer in our clinic.

We found it most useful in the following scenarios:

1. Testing raw semen, while performing a BSE on a stallion it provides me with a complete, detailed report of the semen results in a very short time. 

2. Testing raw semen and processing it for dose preparation, cooled or frozen.

3. Testing extended semen before shipping in order to make sure the doses we produce have acceptable motility. 

4. Testing cooled semen for longevity. The QwickCheck™ Gold Equine allows us to compare different protocols/extenders for maximal semen Progressive Motility% and Velocity in an objective way. 

5. It is extremely useful when dealing with stallions which are not the best “shippers”.

6. Testing cooled semen shipped from other clinics/breeders to our clinic, before we inseminate it.

We find the analyzer easy and simple enough to be used by our technician when we are not available. By following the analyzers on-screen instructions for dose preparation (based on the clinic settings which the unit “remembers”), our technician can produce sperm doses with a constant number of Progressively Motile sperm/dose.

With regards,
Dr. Uri Shalit
Medisoos Equine Clinic

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