QwikCheck Beads Proficiency and Training Kit

QwikCheck Beads Proficiency and Training Kit

Problem-solving kits to simplify and improve Manual and Automated semen analysis techniques in the Laboratory. Including sample preparation and quality control

Product Number: A-CA-00691-00

Designed for Initial Validation studies of Accuracy, Linearity, Precision and Lower Limit Detection when bringing new SQA Instruments online

A first step solution for proficiency, training, and validation of all SQA-V and SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzers. The kit can be used to validate most aspects of Accuracy, Precision, Lower Limit Detection and Reportable Range (Linearity) per CLIA Method Validation Regulations (CLIA Final Rules Manual, 2004, ISBN 1-886958-20-3).

After successfully completing this initial Validation Kit users will have extensive knowledge of the SQA system’s operation, capillary loading technique, reporting, and more. Additional recommendations and protocols for backup method comparison are also included with the kit and all data will be crunched by Medical Electronic Systems for no additional charge.

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