Letter of Recommendation – First Steps Fertility and Women’s Health

Letter of Recommendation – First Steps Fertility and Women’s Health
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May 16, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a customer of MES since December 2019, just before I opened my fertility practice in the Seattle area. I have been so happy with both my SQA-V Gold analyzer as well as the customer service from MES.

Nicholas Wells came to my office in December 2019 to do the initial set up of my machine and training on how to use the analyzer. Since then, I am in contact with Nicholas frequently with various questions and he is consistently quick to respond and provide the requested information and/or referral to the appropriate person to help me with my inquiry. Nicholas is extremely knowledgeable about the analyzer but is also professional, friendly, accommodating, understanding and in general very pleasant to interact with. The rest of the team at MES, such as Erika who handles my supply orders and Sal (engineer/technician) have also been exceptional and always go out of their way to help quickly and efficiently.

The MES SQA-V Gold analyzer has made it possible for  me to  run a fertility practice as I do not have the personnel or expertise to do manual semen analysis. I use been using the analyzer several times per week for the last 16 months and have had no significant problems with it and it consistently passes controls,  validation  tests  and proficiency testing. The analyzer has a bit of  a learning curve, most notably in making sure the cartridge is loaded appropriately without bubbles/air but  other  than this  the machine  is very easy to learn, operate and maintain. MES also sells all the supplies needed for cleaning and quality control of the machine as well as validation testing kits; there is also a CAP program for the SQA analyzer for proficiency testing so it is easy to make sure regulatory requirements are met.

Overall, I am very happy I chose the MES SQA-V Gold for my fertility practice. Both the analyzer itself and the customer service at MES have far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this company and this analyzer for those looking for automated semen analysis testing.


Dr. Eliza Martin, ARNP

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