Technical Release Bulletin: SQA Preventative Maintenance Recommendations

Technical Release Bulletin: SQA Preventative Maintenance Recommendations

The SQA (Sperm Quality Analyzer) instrument produced by Medical Electronic Systems is a reliable tool for conducting automated semen analysis. Like any high technology system, it is recommended that periodic preventative maintenance be conducted to ensure top performance.  This bulletin provides timing recommendations and an overview of the PM process.



Preventative Maintenance Timeline Recommendations and Overview:
It is Recommended that Preventative Maintenance be performed on SQA instruments at some point between 13 and 24 months after the installation date and once per 12 months thereafter. A routine yearly PM will address the following areas of performance and reliability:


  1. 60 Point Inspection of All System Components and Software.
  2. Software and Firmware Upgrades.
  3. Hardware Upgrades.
  4. Repairs / Part Replacements.
  5. Calibration Confirmation.
  6. Updated Documentation, Recommendations, Technical Bulletins.
  7. New Products / Features.



CLICK HERE to download the SQA Preventative Maintenance Recommendation Technical Bulletin

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